Sunday Service

11:00 Am English Service

Welcome! We are so glad you are checking us out on the web and are considering a visit with us! Refugio Seguro/ RS Church has some of the most loving people you will meet. This love comes from a vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus Christ that extends to all people. You will find a loving welcome when visiting our church! No matter where you are, who you are, and what you've done, you are never beyond the reach of God's grace!

Upcoming Events

Día del Niño April, 28 | Sunday | 2:00 pm
Servicio de Resurrección April, 21 | Sunday | 2:00 PM
Servicio De Mujeres May, 3 | Friday | 7:00 PM
Celebrando a las mamás May, 9 | Thursday | 7:00 PM
Sunday Service May, 19 | Sunday | 11:00 AM
Día de las madres May, 12 | Sunday | 11:00 AM
Special guest/ Matthew Ryan may, 5 | sunday | 11:00 AM
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