Worship Night by Pursue Worship

Worship Night

Let us all come together and pursue the Father's heart through worship! Various biblical references show us that there is great power in worship. The chains that held Paul and Silas down were broken through song. The spirit that tormented Saul fled through music. Sometimes all we have to do is worship!

Upcoming Events

Sunday Service July, 14 | Sunday | 11:00 AM
RSkidz Día de Película Julio, 28 | Domingo | 2:00pm
Servicio General - Domingo Julio, 14 | Domingo | 2:00 PM
Campamento Juvenil/Youth Camp Agosto , 8-10 | Jueves - Sábado | Todo el dîa/All day
Worship Night by Pursue Worship July , 26 | Friday | 7:00 PM
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